Webinar: How to Make Expense Reporting Painless & Paperless (with Gorilla Expense)

Wednesday,  August 28, 2019  at  Noon - 1:00 PM (CST)

In this webinar, Gorilla Expense will demonstrate their automated, paperless, end-to-end solution by:
  • Capturing receipts and submitting expense reports using the mobile app
  • Creating and submitting an expense report on the web
  • Approving the expense report as a manager
  • Sending the expense data to ERP with a click of a button!
Gorilla Expense solves the following T&E Expense Reporting challenges for its customers:
  • No more excel & scotch tape to submit expenses
  • Say goodbye to time consuming and cumbersome processes
  • Reimburse employees faster
  • Eliminate manual keying of data into ERP
  • Provide analytics and reporting of T&E data
We will also share best practices, ideas and approaches that have worked for our customers who have faced similar challenges.

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Who'll Be Speaking?


Mahesh Raiwad, Gorilla Expense